Direct-flow Evacuated-tube Collectors Price

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Model No.: CPC U 1512

Product Description

Direct-flow evacuated-tube collectors


A direct-flow evacuated tube collector has two pipes that run down and back, inside the tube. One pipe is for inlet fluid and the other for outlet fluid. Since the fluid flows into and out of each

tube, the tubes are not easily replaced. Also, should a tube break, it's possible that all of the fluid could be pumped out of the system - if a closed loop is used, or your water will flow out as in a

broken pipe, if an open loop is used.


Mounted on a flat roof, tilted or on the wall

System size: 1390X1640X100

Total area: 2.28 square meters

Open area: 2.0 square meters

Collection efficiency of open areas: 64.2%

Collector content: 1.48 liters

Number of tubes: 12 units

Tube information: diameter 47 mm, length 1500 mm, thickness 1.6 mm, borosilicate 3.3

Tube orientation: vertical

Connection diameter: 15mm

Maximum working pressure: 10 bar

Material: Aluminum / Copper / Glass / Silicon / PBT /

Weight: 37 kg

Vacuum Tube Collectors

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