Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube Collectors

Basic Info

Model No.: CPC U 1506

Product Description

Heat pipe evacuated tube collectors contain a copper heat pipe, which is attached to an absorber plate, inside a vacuum sealed solar tube. The heat pipe is hollow and the space inside is also evacuated. Inside the heat pipe is a small quantity of liquid, such as alcohol or purified water plus special additives. The vacuum enables the liquid to boil at lower temperatures than it would at normal atmospheric pressure. When sunlight falls the surface of the absorber, the liquid in the heat tube quickly turns to hot vapor and rises to the top of the pipe. Water or glycol, flows through a manifold and picks up the heat. The fluid in the heat pipe condenses and flows back down the tube. This process continues, as long as the sun shines.

Since there is a "dry" connection between the absorber and the header, installation is much easier than with direct flow collectors. Individual tubes can also be exchanged without emptying the entire system of it's fluid and should one tube break, there is little impact on the complete system.

Heat pipe collectors must be mounted with a minimum tilt angle of around 25° in order for the internal fluid of the heat pipe to return to the hot absorber.

Mounted on a flat roof, tilted or on the wall

System size: 700X1640X100

Total area: 1.15 square meters

Open area: 1.0 square meter

Collection efficiency of open areas: 64.2%

Collector content: 0.74L

Number of tubes: 6 units

Pipe information: diameter 47mm, length 1500mm, thickness 1.6mm, borosilicate 3.3

Tube orientation: vertical

Connection diameter: 15mm

Maximum working pressure: 10 bar

Material: Aluminum / Copper / Glass / Silicon / PBT /

Weight: 19 kg

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