Heat Pipe Solar Collector

heat pipe solar collector is one type of vacuum tube solar collector. 

The selective coating on the inner cover of the vacuum tubes converts solar energy and transfers heat to the heat pipes by aluminum fins. The liquid in the heat pipe changes into vapor which rises to the condenser. Then the heat passes through the heat exchanger, the water inside of header pipe is being heated, and the vapor becomes liquid, returning to the bottom of the heat pipe. This transference of heat creates a continuous circulation as long as the heat pipe vacuum tube collector is heated by sun.

Heat is transferred by liquid to the header pipe and heat the water efficiently. In addition, heat pipe vacuum tubes is highly freezing resistance, which ensures higher efficiency in cold areas. 

Heat pipe solar collectors can be used in both pressurized or non-pressurized circulation systems.

Evacuated heat pipe technology

1. Evacuated tubes based on the thermos flask principle and consisting of two concentric glass tubes and an evacuated gap to prevent heat loss.
2. Highly selective absorber layer on the inner glass tubes (AI/ALN,) which enables an optimum energy yield.
3. Aluminum heat transfer plate to provide an optimum heat transfer medium system.
4. Copper heat pipes transfer the extracting heat effectively.
5. Rock wool insulation with an aluminum lamination in order to prevent heat loss in the manifold.
6. Compression ring fitting (Ø 22 mm) for flow and return which enable a safe and easy-to-install pipework connections.
7. The most common working fluid is water for ambient temperatures of - 30 °C to an operating temperature to 90 °C.

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