Evacuated Tube Solar Collector with CPC reflector

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Model No.: CPC U 1518

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Evacuated Tube Solar Collector With CPC reflector 

Evacuated tube solar collectors with CPC reflector  are very efficient and can achieve very high temperatures due to Compound Parabolic Concentrator reflector which ensures that even at unfavorable irradation angles. They can be very expensive compared to flat plate collectors or batch solar collectors , though some of the Integrated Tank Collectors are the cheapest to purchase and operate as they don't need most of the Balance-Of-System components. Evacuated tube solar collectors are well-suited to commercial (laundromat) and industrial heating applications and can be an effective alternative to flat-plate collectors for domestic space heating, especially in areas where it is often cloudy. 

An evacuated-tube collector contains several rows of glass tubes connected to a header pipe. Each tube has the air removed from it (evacuated) to eliminate heat loss through convection and conduction. Inside the glass tube, a flat or curved aluminum or copper fin is attached to a metal pipe. The fin is covered with a selective coating that transfers heat to the fluid that is circulating through the pipe. There are two main types of evacuated tube collectors:

Mounted on a flat roof, tilted or on the wall

System size: 2080X1640X100

Total area: 3.41 square meters

Open area: 3.0 square meters

Collection efficiency of open areas: 64.2%

Collector content: 2.23 liters

Number of tubes: 18 units

Tube information: diameter 47 mm, length 1500 mm, thickness 1.6 mm, borosilicate 3.3

Tube orientation: vertical

Connection diameter: 15mm

Maximum working pressure: 10 bar

Material: Aluminum / Copper / Glass / Silicon / PBT /

Weight: 37 kg

Heat pipe evacuated-tube collectors

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