Factory supplied CPC collector

Basic Info

Model No.: CPC1518

Product Description

Working principle
The sunlight shines on the outer wall of the vacuum tube, meantime, sunlight which shines on the built-in mirror is reflected on the outer wall of the vacuum , sunlight is absorbed by all-glass vacuum tube and converted to heat energy which then is transferred to U pipe by fin, aiming to heat the heat-transmission medium that exists in the U pipe. Finally heat energy is conveyed to water in the water tank.

Product Features

1.    Use vacuum tube with built-in reflector technology and the heat transfer way through u pipes which can reduce heat loss and ensure a higher collector temperature.
2.    There is no water in the vacuum tubes, so there is no fouling , no breaking .U pipe heating technology is adopted, the temperature rise is very fast. It is high efficiency and reliable.
3.    There is no restriction for the installation height, Pressurized operation and large flow make you enjoy a pleasant bath experience.
4.    The optimal design of the collector makes it visually less obstructive and compatible with existing architectural design perfectly.

Aperture area: 3.00sqm

Collector contents: 2.23L

Weight: 54Kg

Max. working overpressure: 10bar

Max. stagnation temperature: 272°C

Connection fitting diameter: φ15 (mm)

Linuo Ritter International distributes mass-produced evacuated tube collectors with and without CPC-reflectors from our internationally well-known production facility in Jinan (China) and South Korea with a production capacity of 2 mio. sqm annually. Technical know-how, self-development and engineering, and self-production facilities are the foundations of international success as an OEM provider (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of solar collectors.

Application: Residential, service and industrial sector and for public buildings

CPC Solar Collector for Solar ACHigh Quality CPC Solar Collector

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