CPC collector for solar AC

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Model No.: CPC1518

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Heating of water is often one of the highest consumers of energy in any given household. As consumers look to conserve energy, solar water heating systems have gained increased popularity. While the initial investment seems high, the benefits are incredibly rewarding.

Types of Solar Water Heating Systems
Solar heating systems come in many forms. The systems can vary in the way the water is heated, such as direct loop, indirect loop or a heat pump. The first way systems can vary are in the way heat energy is transferred, which can be split into either the passive or active categories, and the equipment used to heat the fluid. This equipment is known as a solar collector, which can take the form of a flat plate collector, a batch collector or an evacuated tube collector.

Application: Residential, service and industrial sector and for public buildings

High power outlet collector for heating 

Good efficiency of solar application 

Long lifetime with good quality 

Evacuated Tube Solar CollectorCPC collector for solar ACSolar Keymark Certification Collector

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