Low Pressure Compact Solar Water Heater System

Basic Info

Model No.: 22*300mm

Product Description

1. Economical type for most of area,common people can afford it
2. Simple product structure: solar collector and water tank connected together directly, no need of pipe to connect, and no pump to push fluid
3. Mature technology and stable operation
4. higher efficiency on photo thermal conversion.
5. Accessory is popular and easy maintenance


Installation: under the water tank or at the entrance to the glass tube, threaded or at the entrance of the pipe

Size: diameter 22mm, length 300mm

Function: Protect the fuel tank from corrosion.

Material: magnesium alloy

Quantity: one magesio bar per tank

Maintenance: Make changes based on new water quality. If the water volume is too large or of poor quality, it is estimated to be replaced every 6 months.

Barra Magnesio Price

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