Factory Supply None pressurized solar water heater

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Model No.: 200L

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Non-pressure solar water heater of all glass evacuated tube collector integrated with storage tank, are ideal for use in houses and other applications where cheap, reliable hot water supply is required.

The series employs the natural convection phenomenon called [thermosyphon".

The evacuated tubes convert solar energy into heat energy and transfers heat to water.

The lighter hot water in tubes rises to the storage tank, while the cold water at the bottom of the tank flows into the tubes, creating continuous circulation.

The convection flow will continue as long as the sun is heating the collector.

Thermosiphons - non-pressurized and pressurized

Linuo Ritter International distributes thermosiphon systems manufactured by our internationally well-known manufacturing facility and top brand Linuo Paradigma, located in Jinan, China. The thermosiphon systems have been developed especially for solar water heating that can be easily installed and operated. They combine the advantages of traditional Chinese thermosiphon systems and the German high quality evacuated tube collector technology in order to provide an excellent price-performance ratio. Apart from the certificates listed below, Linuo Paradigma is also certified with the ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Application: Residential, service, industrial and public sector

Factory Price Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater

Good Quality Solar Water HeaterNon-pressurzied Solar Water Heater for Domestic

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