CPC Solar Collector with Stainless Steel Reflector

Basic Info

Model No.: 1518

Product Description

Main feature:
1):The inlet and outlet be opened on the bottom of manifold; It looks more artistic than  trandithional manifold;
2):Good sealed in end of cover, It can provide higher insulation efficiency;
3):The most advantage is that It can be Emptyed the medium(water or deicing fluid) in the manifold.

Our Products Advantage

1.Inner manifold is adopted automatic high frequency welding machine to weld,which is enouth firm and reliability .

2.Heat insulation layer is adopted imported polyurethane whole machine to foam ,compact character and perfect  heat preservation effect.

3.Pressurized and unpressurized system are available.

4.Widely suitable for demitory ,hotel,swimming pool,school,hospital and other commercial using water.

5.With vacuum tube absorbing sun radiation ,the heat collecting efficiency is so rapid.

6.There is no damage to the beauty of building .

7.Can be installed on flat and slope roof, also on the ground.

Different from ordinary solar heating unit,this collector is easy to take,tear down and install, apart from its beauty.

It can be adjusted according to different latitude to collect sun energy and installed on various types of roof,such 

as sloping roof,flat roof and wall hanging,etc.

Evacuated tube collectors- with and without CPC-reflector

Linuo Ritter International distributes mass-produced evacuated tube collectors with and without CPC-reflectors from our internationally well-known production facility in Jinan (China) and South Korea with a production capacity of 2 mio. sqm annually. Technical know-how, self-development and engineering, and self-production facilities are the foundations of international success as an OEM provider (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of solar collectors.

Application: Residential, service and industrial sector and for public buildings

Solar Keymark CPC Solar Collectors

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