Compact solar water heater

Basic Info

Model No.: 200L

10 Vacuum Tubes: 100L

Product Description

Working principle
This system uses the thermosiphon principle, Solar vacuum tube is pluged into the bottom of water tank, The water is filled inside the solar vacuum tube, Solar vacuum tube transmit solar energy to heat energy, The temperature of water inside solar vacuum tube is rising, As the thermosiphon principle, the hot water rise up, and arrive in the water tank, the cold water inside the water tank go down the solar vacuum tube, so the system runs by this circulation way until the water become very hot. The highest temperature of water tank can be 95 degree Celsius, During this process, this system doesn't need any power, just under the sunshine. It is a green product.

high energy efficiency in heat management

reduce pollution and help 

big savings of energy and money

friendly to the environment

high quality and variety of model

compact solar water heater

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