1.6mm thickness Vacuumed tube

Product Description

47-1500mm, 58-1800mm, 58-2100mm evacuted tubes are avaliable.

Key component of solar collector and solar water heater

Coating material: Al-N/Al or SS-Al/N/Cu.

Has been supplying the vacuum tube towards the worldwide well-known manufacturer of solar water heater and solar thermal products. 

Higher absorption rate of 92%-94%, lower emission rate.

Started the production of vacuum tube/evacuated tube since 1998. 

Annual production capacity of 5 million pieces. 

Daily production capacity of 20000 pieces tubes.

1. Total length of scuff on out tube should be less than 1/3 of length of tube.

2.Inner Tube Support: Support be of the same color and installled in approrite possition

3. Absorption ≥91%

4. Emission ≤ 5.9%

5. Thickness =1.6mm

6. Weight : 2KG 

7. Average Heat Loss Coefficient :U=0.51W/(m.℃)

8. Stagnation Coefficient: Dia 58mm: H≤4.5MJ/㎡

9. Solar Exposure Coefficient: 238㎡.℃/KW

10. Glass Transmittance: 0.920(AM1.5)

11. Vaccum :P≤5.0*10-2pa

Coating with Blue Color Evacuated Tube

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